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We are using chemistry, biology, and physics mixed together to obtain a new quality of research on bio-inspired, functional nanomaterials.

Our Work


Our lab aims to establish a two-way connection between the biology and chemistry of materials. We attempt to be clever in our work to answer important questions and not to be “equipment oriented”. For team members, the work in the lab should be a way to reach scientific excellence.

Job offers


We are always looking for students who are willing to work hard on their bachelor's or master's thesis in our group. There are also open positions for internships.



PHD STUDENT within OPUS 2022/45/B/ST5/01500 project. The scholarship within the project is secured for 3 years and amount to around 5000 PLN per month. For the fourth year of PhD studies the governmental scholarship will be paid (around 3600 PLN per month, as for now). The application needs to be send via Warsaw4PhD doctoral school system [HERE] before the 4th of June. More details [HERE].

POST DOCS within OPUS 2022/45/B/ST5/01500 project with monthly salary of around 9600 PLN gross. The position is for 18 months with possible extensions up to 34 months based on the performance. Application deadline 30.06.2023. More details [HERE].

POST DOCS within OPUS 2019/35/B/ST5/03229 project with monthly salary of around 8000 PLN gross. The position is for 12 months. Application deadline 18.06.2023. More details [HERE].

News and Succeses

May 2023

Paper accepted! 

Stimuli-responsive Langmuir Films Composed of Nanoparticles Decorated with Poly(N-isopropyl Acrylamide) (PNIPAM) at the Air/Water Interface

Rafał Zbonikowski, Michalina Iwan, Jan Paczesny

ACS Omega, just accepted

May 2023

Conference time! Jan Paczesny attended The 21st Annual Meeting of Society of Nano Science and Technology in Hakodate, Japan. He talked about stabilization of viruses.

April 2023

We invite everyone to check the new series of lectures - "Breaking barriers - physical chemistry in biological systems".

09.05.2023, 13:00, Prof. Rienk Eelkema, Delft University of Technology

16.05.2023, 11:00, Prof. Lee Cronin, University of Glasgow

23.05.2023, 12:00, Prof. Petra Schwille, Max-Planck-Institute of Biochemistry

30.05.2023, 11:00, Prof. Alex Evilevitch, Lund University

30.05.2023, 16:00, Prof. Vincent Rotello, University of Massachusetts Amherst

06.06.2023, 11:00, Prof. Maciej Wojtkowski, IChF & ICTER

More details and links are available here!

March 2023

Our PhD student Mateusz Wdowiak was selected to present a scientific poster at the upcoming 10th FEMS Congress of European Microbiologists in July 2023 in Hamburg.

FEMS2023 is the biggest event in Europe dedicated to showcasing the latest developments across the broad scope of microbiology.

March 2023

Jan Paczesny went to Japan to work with Professor Shigeori Takenaka at Kyushu Institute of Technology! The visit is funded by The Matsumae International Foundation, Japan.

March 2023

We are hining! Post-doc within OPUS 2019/35/B/ST5/03229 (nanosynthesis, nanocharacterization, thin films, physical chemistry, organic physical chemistry) wanted!

More details here!

March 2023

Coffee Seminars are back on! Coffee Seminars are semi-informal meetings (with coffee)  that aim to allow us to keep up to date with the most active research  areas while, at the same time, facilitating networking in our Institute. Organizers - Alexandra Siklitskaya (Team 20 - CoopCat) and Jan Paczesny invite you to join on Fridays, 1 pm.

March 2023

Our paper was highlighted on the cover of the journal issue!

Congo red protects bacteriophages against  UV irradiation and allows for the simultaneous use of phages and UV for  membrane sterilization

Mateusz Wdowiak, Patryk A. Mierzejewski, Rafał Zbonikowski, Bartłomiej Bończaka and Jan Paczesny*

Environmental Science Water Research & Technology, 2023, DOI: 10.1039/d2ew00913g (IF=5.82)

March 2023

Yet another paper coming from the group (fifth this year already!)

Heteroaggregation of virions and microplastics reduces the number of active bacteriophages in aqueous environments

Enkhlin Ochirbat, Rafał Zbonikowski, Anna Sulicka, Bartłomiej Bończak, Magdalena Bonarowska, Marcin Łoś, Elżbieta Malinowska, Robert Hołyst, Jan Paczesny

Journal of Environmental Quality, 2023,

March 2023

New paper coming from our group! 

Adaptive 2D and Pseudo-2D Systems: Molecular, Polymeric, and Colloidal Building Blocks for Tailored Complexity

by Rafał Zbonikowski, Pumza Mente, Bartłomiej Bończak and Jan Paczesny

Nanomaterials 2023, 13(5), 855;

February 2023

With the end of the month we say "thank you" to Pumza Mente and Bartek Bonczak, who are starting work in new places. Bartek is a post doc fellow in Professor Serena Arnaboldi group in Milan, Italy. Good luck!

February 2023

Konrad Gizynski and Tomasz Andryszewski (from the Soft Matter group at IPC) are popularizing science! This time they prepared the chemical show for students.

January 2023

Pumza Mente coauthored recently published paper. Congrats!

Catalyst Design: Counter Anion Effect on Ni Nanocatalysts Anchored on Hollow Carbon Spheres

Ryan O’Connor,Joyce B. Matsoso, Victor Mashindi, Pumza Mente, Lebohang Macheli, Beatriz D. Moreno, Bryan P. Doyle, Neil J. Coville and Dean H. Barrett

Nanomaterials 2023, 13(3), 426; [IF= 5.08]

January 2023

Our PhD student Mateusz Wdowiak was appointed a regular member of the  Polish Society of Microbiologists. PSM is a founder-member of the  Federation of European Microbiological Societies (FEMS), the  International Union of Microbiological Societies (IUMS), and the member  of the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases  (ESCMID).

January 2023

New paper has been accepted for publication! 

Congo red protects bacteriophages against UV irradiation and allows for the simultaneous use of phages and UV for membrane sterilization

Mateusz Wdowiak, Patryk A. Mierzejewski, Rafał Zbonikowski, Bartłomiej Bończaka and Jan Paczesny*

Environmental Science Water Research & Technology, 2023, DOI: 10.1039/d2ew00913g (IF=5.82)

January 2023

We welcome Witold Adamkiewicz, PhD, in the group. Witold will work with materials and physical chemistry of dynamic systems.

December 2022

A new paper has been accepted for publication! The manuscript entitled "An Overview of Diverse Strategies To Inactivate Enterobacteriaceae-Targeting Bacteriophages" authored by Sada Raza, Mateusz Wdowiak and Jan Paczesny will be published in EcoSal Plus. This is our first paper in journal published by American Society for Microbiology.

Raza, S., Wdowiak, M., & Paczesny, J.*

EcoSal Plus, 2023,

December 2022

Jan Paczesny was awarded  OPUS gran. The project aims to develop antiphagents that will be safe for bacteria and eukaryotic cells. The whole grant is for aorund 2.2 M PLN. 

We will have PhD and post doc position open for new group members. 

December 2022

Jan Paczesny visited Prus High School in Żary, Poland. I Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Bolesława Prusa is a school that Janek graduated from. The meeting was to convince students that science is interesting! :)

November 2022

We are happy to announce that another paper was accepted for publication.

Gold–Oxoborate Nanocomposite Coated Orthodontic Brackets Gain Antibacterial Properties while Remaining Safe for Eukaryotic Cells

J. Lyczek,* B. Bończak, I. Krzymińska, K. Gizyński, J. Paczesny*

Journal of Biomedical Materials Research: Part B - Applied Biomaterials, accepted [IF=3.4]

October 2022

Another paper coming from the group.

Relaxation, temporal diffusion, and polarity of aromatic hydrocarbons in ionic liquid

N. O. Atamas, K. S. Yablochkova, M. M. Lazarenko & G. Taranyik

Applied Nanoscience (2022) [IF=3.67]

October 2022

With the new academic year, there are new opportunities to join lectures taught by Jan Paczesny:

"Law and ethics in research" 

October 2022 - Wroclaw University of Life Sciences 

November 2022 - Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS

February 2023 - Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS

"The art of public presentation"

December 2022 - Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS

January 2023 - Wroclaw University of Life Sciences 

March 2023 - Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS

October 2022

Yet another paper published - a result of collaboration with group from Poznań, Poland and Kjeller, Norway!

Fabrication of 1D particle structures outside a liquid environment using electric and capillary interactions: From fundamentals to applications

Z. Rozynek, Y. Harkavyi, K. Giżyński

Materials & Design, 2022, 223, 111233 [IF=9.417]

October 2022

New paper - a result of collaboration with Warsaw Military University of Technology.

Optical Properties of a Tapered Optical Fiber Coated with Alkanes Doped with Fe3O4 Nanoparticles

Karol A. Stasiewicz,* Iwona Jakubowska, Joanna E. Moś, Paweł Marć, Jan Paczesny, Rafał Zbonikowski and Leszek R. Jaroszewicz

Sensors 2022, 22(20), 7801 (IF=3.847)

October 2022

We visited Hirszfeld Institute of Immunology and Experimental Therapy PAS in Wroclaw. Thanks for having us and teaching us new tricks!

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