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We are using chemistry, biology, and physics mixed together to obtain a new quality of research on bio-inspired, functional nanomaterials.

Our Work


Our lab aims to establish a two-way connection between the biology and chemistry of materials. We attempt to be clever in our work to answer important questions and not to be “equipment oriented”. For team members, the work in the lab should be a way to reach scientific excellence.

Job offers


We are always looking for students who are willing to work hard on their bachelor's or master's thesis in our group. There are also open positions for internships.

News and Succeses

May 2024

Polish Patent Office granted us the patent for the invention entitled: "Application of sodium salt of 5,5′-indygodisulfonic acid to inhibit bacteriophage infection in biotechnological processes"

Sada Raza, Jan Paczesny Bartłomiej Bończak, Marcin Łoś

P.441746, submission: 2022-07-15, granted: 2024-03-20

March 2024

Hossein published a paper! Congrats!

Hossein Maleki-Ghaleh,* Ehsan Moradpur-Tari, Mohammad Shakiba, Jan Paczesny, Paul K Hurley, M Hossein Siadati, Lida Ansari, Farzan Gity*

Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 2024, just accepted, (IF=4)

March 2024

Bartek and Enkhlin attended (18.03 to 21.03) the Doctoral Seminar organized by the Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology. This visit is the next step in building the partnership between IChF and Leibniz-IPHT.

March 2024

Iraj Alipourfard joined the team! Iraj is medical doctor, pharmacist and biologist, all in one! He will work within OPUS 2022/45/B/ST5/01500 "Antiviral nanoparticles and polymers to selectively fight phage infections without harming bacteria and eukaryotic cells". Welcome!

February 2024

Witold Adamkiewicz was a guest in Radio WNET on 01.02.2024. You can hear it here!

February 2024

Sada and Enkhlin are back! We are welcome you after breaks! 

We congratulate Sada on having lovely twins! :) 

January 2024

Review published in Pathogenes authored by Bartek Kamiński and Jan Paczesny. Congrats!

Bacteriophage Challenges in Industrial Processes: A Historical Unveiling and Future Outlook

Bartosz Kamiński, Jan Paczesny*

Pathogens 2024, 13 (2), 152 (IF=3.7)

January 2024

Microsymposium in IChF PAN. We presented our results and discussed with collegues from other teams. It was fun!

December 2023

Konrad Giżyński coauthored set of papers in 2023! Congrats!

Fundamental Relation for Gas of Interacting Particles in a Heat Flow

Hołyst, Robert; Makuch, Karol; Giżyński, Konrad; Maciołek, Anna; Żuk, Paweł J,, Entropy, 2023, 25 (9), 1295, 10.3390/e25091295

Fundamental Relation for the Ideal Gas in the Gravitational Field and Heat Flow

Hołyst, Robert; Żuk, Paweł J; Makuch, Karol; Maciołek,   Anna; Giżyński, Konrad, Entropy, 2023, 25 (11), 1483, 10.3390/e25111483

Parameters of State in the Global Thermodynamics of Binary Ideal Gas Mixtures in a Stationary Heat Flow

Maciołek, Anna; Hołyst, Robert; Makuch, Karol; Giżyński, Konrad; Żuk, Paweł J., Entropy, 2023, 25 (11), 1505, 10.3390/e25111505

Steady-state thermodynamics of a system with heat and mass flow coupling

Makuch, Karol; Hołyst, Robert; Giżyński, Konrad; Maciołek, Anna; Żuk, Paweł J., The Journal of Chemical Physics, 2023, 159 (19), 194113, 10.1063/5.0170079

December 2023

Our review in Antibiotics is among most notable papers published in the journal.

December 2023

Natasha Atamas published papers! Congrats!

Structure and Dynamic Inhomogeneity of Liquids on the Liquid–Gas Coexistence Curve Near the Triple Point

N. O.   Atamas, K. S. Yablochkova, D. A. Gavryushenko M. M. Lazarenko, Journal of Phase Equilibria and Diffusion, 2023,

Relaxation, temporal diffusion, and polarity of aromatic hydrocarbons in ionic liquid

N. O. Atamas, K. S. Yablochkova, M. M. Lazarenko, G. Taranyik, Applied   Nanoscience, 2023

Liquids clathrate formation and the diffusion model for aromatics hydrocarbons in   ionic liquids

N.O. Atamas, K.S. Yablochkova, I.P. Matushko, M.M. Lazarenko, Fluid   Phase Equilibria, 2024, 113951,

December 2023

On December, 19th, 2023 Jan Paczesny and Mateusz Wdowiak were guests of Łukasz Badowski in RDC auditon entitled "Z innej planety". Topic: tea-based silver nanoparticles. 

December 2023

Meeting between IChF PAN and Leibniz-IPHT in Jena, Germany. Jan Paczesny gave talk describing the Living Materials group in order to boost the international cooperation on dynamic thin films.

November 2023

Mateusz Wdowiak attended conference. 

November 2023

Press release about TeaNPs. Read more here.

November 2023

Jan Paczesny took part in a meeting with ERC Executive Agency in Brussels.

November 2023

Dr Konrad Giżyński together with Dr Tomasz Andryszewski encourage kids to like science! They are presenting the amazing chemical show to joungsters from kinergartens and schools.

November 2023

Our review paper was mentioned as one the most notable reviews published in the first half of 2023 in Nanomaterials!

November 2023

From 3rd to 7th of November, Rafał Zbonikowski and Natalia Szczepańska attended 11th International Workshop on Surface Modification for Chemical and Biochemical Sensing (picture from SMCBS archive).

Natalia presented a poster entitled

 ”Fully Inorganic Nanocoatings for Antibacterial and Catalytical Applications”, 

and Rafał gave a talk about 

Interfacial Colloidal Stimuli-responsive System Composed of Nanoparticles Decorated with Poly(N-isopropyl acrylamide) (PNIPAM)”. 

Hoping to see you at the 12th edition!

October 2023

Jan Paczesny attended (13.10 to 15.10) the meeting celebrating 100 years of active work of the Scientific Association of Chemists at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Janek is an honorary member of the association. He gave a lecture about the Living Materials team research. This was a fabulous opportunity to meet after so many years!

Picture - NKCh archives by Agata Warlich.

October 2023

On the 13th of October, Michał Folga obtained his MSc degree for his work done in our group. Warsaw University of Technology awarded the degree, and Prof. Mariusz Pietrzak acted as supervisor.

October 2023

On the 6th of October Mateusz Wdowiak and Rafał Zbonikowski participated in the Warsaw Soft Matter Day, an PD2PI initiative merging physicists, chemists and biologists working on topics related also to living materials.

Mateusz gave a talk on 

Protein-binding dyes as molecular sunscreen protecting bacteriophages from UV radiation”,

 and Rafał presented a poster:

Interfacial colloidal dynamic self-assembly system composed of nanoparticles decorated with poly(N-isopropyl acrylamide) (PNIPAM)”.

October 2023

Dr hab. Adam Kubas appointed as the new director of the Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS. Prof. Kubas appointed Prof. Paczesny as deputy director for the scientific affairs. The picture shows reaction of Prof. Paczesny when he was offered the position :)

October 2023

We also welcome Hossein Maleki-Ghaleh - new post doc in the group. Hossein is involved in the realization of OPUS 2022/45/B/ST5/01500 "Antiviral nanoparticles and polymers to selectively fight phage infections without harming bacteria and eukaryotic cells".

October 2023

We welcom Gunjan Tiwari - new PhD student in the group. Gunjan will work in appliction of the electric field in physical chemistry.

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