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We are using chemistry, biology, and physics mixed together to obtain a new quality of research on bio-inspired, functional nanomaterials.

Our Work


Our lab aims to establish a two-way connection between the biology and chemistry of materials. We attempt to be clever in our work to answer important questions and not to be “equipment oriented”. For team members, the work in the lab should be a way to reach scientific excellence.

Job offers


We are always looking for students who are willing to work hard on their bachelor's or master's thesis in our group. There are also open positions for internships. 

News and Succeses

September 2022

New paper authored by a group member! Konrad Giżyński did a collaborative work with group of Tomasz Mazur from Cracow! Congrats!

Enhanced Assembly of Ag Nanoparticles for Surface-Independent Fabrication of Conductive Patterns

Michał Szuwarzyński, Łukasz Mazur, Mariusz Borkowski, Krzysztof Maćkosz, Konrad Giżyński, and Tomasz Mazur

ACS Appl. Nano Mater. 2022 (IF=6.14)

September 2022

Great success! Sada and Bartek did a great job during the final of the Falling Walls competition. Sada received second prize! Congrats!

Read more here!

September 2022

New review paper coming from our group!

Enhancing the Stability of Bacteriophages Using Physical, Chemical, and Nano-Based Approaches: A Review 

Mateusz Wdowiak†, Jan Paczesny†*, and Sada Raza 

Pharmaceutics 2022, 14(9), 1936 (IF=6.5);

September 2022

Jan Paczesny attended Polish Bacteriophage symposium in Gdańsk. It was a great opportunity to talk to other phage researchers in Poland! New ideas were generated!

August 2022

Sada Raza and Bartek Bonczak are among 20 finalist of Falling  Walls Lab Warsaw competition. Congrats!

August 2022

Professor Atamas moved to Vienna. But we still collaborating on number of project. We are grateful to have you in the group this year!

We also had farewell (Natasha) / welcome (Amit, Aga, Natalia and Mateusz) barbecue at the IPC PAS! :)

July 2022

We welcome three fantastic (!) interns, who will be working during summer in our group! Aga came to Warsaw from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Natalia is undergrad student at Warsaw University of Technology and Mateusz at Warsaw Military University. We are happy to have you in our labs!

July 2022

We welcome new PhD student in our group! Amit Patel is working with Konrad Gizynski within Sonata grant.

July 2022

Another patent application was filled.

Application of sodium salt of 5,5′-indygodisulfonic acid to inhibit bacteriophage infection in biotechnological processes

Sada Raza, Jan Paczesny Bartłomiej Bończak, Marcin Łoś

P.441746, 2022-07-15

July 2022

Enkhlin Ochirbat, Sada Raza, and Mateusz Wdowiak participated in Viruses of Microbes 2022 conference in Portulag (18-22.07.2022).  Enkhlin presented our "microplastic" project, Sada showed reasults on "deactivation" and Mateusz "stabilization" of phages.

June 2022

New patent application was filled. 

The use of ultraviolet-absorbing dye to protect bacteriophages from ultraviolet radiation, the method of sterilization of industrial equipment, and the use of bacteriophages containing ultraviolet-absorbing dye for sterilization of industrial equipment in biotechnology processes

Mateusz Wdowiak, Patryk Aleksander Mierzejewski, Jan Paczesny

P.441359, 02/06/2022

June 2022

Jan Paczesny was invited to attend the ceremony of awarding honorary doctorate to Jean Marie Lehn at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. It was a good chance to visit Jan`s Alma Mater!

May 2022

Jan Paczesny was invited as keynot speaker for conference in Rome, Italy. You are most welcome to attend! :)

May 2022

Pumza Mente coauthored two new papers! Congrats!

Photocatalytic abatement of phenol on amorphous TiO2-BiOBr-bentonite heterostructures under visible light irradiation

Menelisi C. Dlamini, Mbongiseni L. Dlamini, Pumza Mente, Boitumelo Tlhaole, Rudolph Erasmus, Manoko S. Maubane-Nkadimeng, John A.Moma

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 2022, 111, 419-436.

Platinum Nanocatalysts Supported on Defective Hollow Carbon Spheres: Oxygen Reduction Reaction Durability Studies

Victor Mashindi, Pumza Mente, Tumelo N. Phaahlamohlaka, Nobuhle Mpofu, Ofentse A. Makgae,  Beatriz D. Moreno, Dean H. Barrett, Roy P. Forbes, Pieter B. Levecque, Kenneth I. Ozoemena and Neil J. Coville

Front. Chem., 2022

April 2022

Jan Paczesny obtained habilitation and became DSc! Congrats!

April 2022

Book chapter authored by Mateusz Wdowiak, Enkhlin Ochirbat and Jan Paczesny was published online on 14th of April 2022. 

Bacteriophage-Based Biosensors: Detection of Bacteria and Beyond

Book chapter published by Springer

Nanotechnology for Infectious Diseases pp 439–473

April 2022

New paper comming from our group in collaboration with Professor Foltynowicz and Professor Łoś.

The Effect of Zero-Valent Iron Nanoparticles (nZVI) on Bacteriophages

Sada Raza, Michał Folga, Marcin Łoś, Zenon Foltynowicz and Jan Paczesny

Viruses 2022, 14(5), 867;  (IF=5.05)

April 2022

DSc Nataliia Atamas obtained financial support from Polish Academy of Science and National Academy of Science of the United States.

We are still open to accomodate researchers from Ukraine that wish to continue their research in Poland.

April 2022

New paper comming from our group was accepted for publication. Bartek Bonczak is first and corresponding author of paper published in The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. Congrats!

Donor-Acceptor Stenhouse Adducts for Stimuli-Responsive Self-Assembly of Gold Nanoparticles into Semiconducting Thin Films

Bartłomiej Bończak,* Marcin Fiałkowski

The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, just accepted 2022 (IF=4.126)

March 2022

DSc Nataliia Atamas from the Faculty of Physics of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv joined our team. Welcome! 

For any Ukrainian researchers looking for a place to pursue research Nataliia might be a reference contact ( along with Jan Paczesny ( 

March 2022

Our paper Richter et al., Scientific Reports volume 11, Article number: 7387 (2021) was listed on 7th place in the collection that highlights  most downloaded chemistry papers published in 2021 in Scientific Reports.

March 2022

Patryk Mierzejewski decided to pursue his career in industry. Good luck!

February 2022

We strongly support Ukraine in these difficult times. We try to help as much as possible. We offer a place for several Ukrainian researcher that wish to continue doing reseach. There are number of funding schemes. Please contact for details.

February 2022

Part of the group went together for small skiing trip! Best wishes from Zawoja, Poland.

February 2022

Jan Paczesny gave a talk during online event organized by the Polish Biochemical Society on Thursday, 3rd of February 2022, at 1 PM. The talk will be in Polish. Please refer to the following information:

Zapraszamy do wysłuchania kolejnego wykładu w ramach cyklu "Nowe Oblicza Biochemii 2022" organizowanego przez Polskie Towarzystwo Biochemiczne. Webinar on-line odbędzie się 3 lutego 2022 r., o godz. 13:00.

Wykład (po polsku) wygłosi dr Jan Paczesny (Warszawa):

"Żywe materiały - na pograniczu chemii, biologii i fizyki"

Instytut Chemii Fizycznej PAN, Warszawa.